Carla Louis
Diva Delish Owner/Chef

I’ve been cooking for many years and I’m a certified foodie. I have a passion for food. After hosting numerous tastings for friends and family and watching their blissful expressions as they ate my newly developed recipes, prompted me to follow my dreams. I’ve enrolled in numerous culinary classes across the US but my biggest influencer is New Orleans which mixes French influences with Creole and Southern. I also infuse my Caribbean background in my cooking which creates a culinary fusion that will make your taste buds dance in happiness. My culinary vision is upscale comfort food with a spicy twist.

Definition of COMFORT FOOD: Food that is prepared and gives a sense of well being and happiness

Definition of DIVA: Glamorous and Successful

Definition of DELISH: Something with immense flavor and deliciousness

Diva Delish: With the success of my catering company I will bring you exhilarating pleasure and joy with my mouthwatering and flavorful food. With each bite you too will proclaim that my food is simply Delish!